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Hi, I'm Vick

More about me...

Since 2017, I mentored and advocated for students across departments from those pursuing nursing and biotechnology to sexual health educators and community organizers. In effect, I have a robust understanding of City College from the perspective of a student leader. Through engaging with students as their peer, and within the context of mentorship, I have come to understand the barriers to access that students face. My personal healing journey through the Project SURVIVE, Ethnic Studies and LGBT Studies programs has led me to understand the role and yet-to-be-realized full-potential of City College. As a beneficiary of so many of the incredible programs at City College, and as a queer, Asian, young adult who has struggled with housing security and mental health, I know how well City College addresses the multiple barriers that so often prevent residents from accessing alI our city has to offer. The benefits of being a City College student are not limited to educational advancement, nor with the positive impacts of classes in arts, physical education, and social justice. The college's registered students receive access to family planning and reproductive health care, mental health care, employment assistance services, foodpantries, and most importantly a community. City College is a one-stop-shop for many of the resources that give way to more equitable and healthy communities.


As a former student trustee, I will hit the ground running after being elected to the board. I will be coming into office with one year of board experience, grounded in the same student and community-centered principies that lead me to office as student trustee. I have direct knowledge of the ways the board can hold administration accountable to the college's participatory governance system, and I have the tools to see that the board operates in a way that restores the confidence of students and the voters of San Francisco.

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