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Meet Vick


As a child of refugees, and as the designated cultural and linguistic interpreter for my parents, my propensity to serve immigrant populations and communities of color started from a young age. I directly relate to the communities that we serve at City College, because I have lived their experience.

Whether I was assisting my parents in their ESL homework from City College, attending City College classes as a high schooler, returning to City College to find a new career in my mid-20s, or trying to balance full-time labor intensive jobs while taking classes, I have allowed these experiences to ground my work in student advocacy.


We're running together!

Meet Anita Martinez, Susan Solomon, and Adolfo Velasquez. We are a united team committed to working for better future for City College. 

Click on the links below to learn more about our team: 

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We believe in a City College that keeps the COMMUNITY in community college by


  • providing workforce training, AA/AS degrees, transfers, cultural enrichment, civic engagement, and lifelong learning

  • supporting immigrant, BIPOC, and LGBTQ communities

  • valuing the people who do the work to support students


To promote GROWTH AND RENEWAL, we must


  • provide user-friendly registration, fully-funded support services, and reliable technology

  • publicize and expand Free City College

  • hire and retain more Black and brown faculty and address systemic racism

  • rescind layoffs of faculty and staff


To commit to FISCAL INTEGRITY we must


  • support Yes on Proposition O to combat underfunding of public education

  • develop a balanced budget through a transparent and inclusive process that puts student learning opportunities first

  • increase enrollment and pursue other revenue sources


To ensure SAFETY & SUSTAINABILITY, we must


  • support proper building ventilation and mask and vaccination mandates

  • increase green, eco-friendly practices


We believe in a DEMOCRACY that promotes


  • college and community coalitions

  • fully-funded, quality public education 

Our Shared Platform

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